About us

Rodent Club PL officially came into existence on June 13, 2017. Its founding was inspired by the idea of ​​associating of enthusiasts and breeders of all rodents in Poland. The Association itself was created by people who share one common passion for a very long time. A passion that constantly pushes us forward and drives us to work on whether it is education about rodents, their needs, health, coexistence with humans or professional breeding to improve the exterior, behavior or vitality of particular rodent species.

As an Association we want to make every effort to ensure that our members have a good knowledge of the needs of their pets and that the breeders under our patronage are properly educated, and have knowledge of the genetics and genealogy of the lines they lead. We also take great care to ensure that our breeders are well aware of the genetics of the breed they produce and that they are able to determine the percentile chances of the rodent you are looking for being born in their breed.

We also wish, through the organization of various events – exhibitions, shows and other events, to propagate the rodent as an accompanying animal and as pedigree animals. All who, like us, love rodents are welcome to join our Association!