Disenchant the Rats II

Disenchant the Rats II: II Bielańska Rat Show

The event Disenchant the rats II took place on 17.09.2017. This year the host of the event were Bielany District Office of the Capital City of Warsaw, Rodent Club PL and Specializovana Oranizace Chovatelu Potkanu. As the par of the event the II Bielańska Rat Show was held. There were 155 animals reported from 7 different countries – Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands and Spain. Owners eagerly presented their pets to numerous visitors. The jury (Douglas Connor, Rian van Andel and Marketa Cacka) had their hands full and had to make some tough decisions to select the winners. During the event, it was also possible to listen to lectures on topics related to rats – from the basics of caring, through issues related to their health, to the secrets of judges’ judgments at exhibitions. It was possible to see demonstration cages – both those properly prepared for the reception of rats, as well as those too small or badly decorated, as well as take with them a leaflet on the requirements and conditions of owning rats. At the stands of our Partners, you could buy tasty and healthy snacks or equipment for cages (like hammocks, houses or tunnels), talk to veterinarians specializing in the treatment of rats, buy beautiful hand-made bracelets or eco-bags and support homeless rodents through participation in the lottery. For the youngest enthusiasts there was a children’s corner full of crayons and themed coloring, which then proudly decorated the exhibition hall. There was also Rodent Club PL stand, where visitors could buy gadgets related to the exhibition itself and talk to members of the association. Despite the exceptionally unfavorable weather, around 1000 people passed through the party. We hope that we will meet again next year! We would like to thank our Partners, Exhibitors and Visitors because without you this year’s event could not take place! 🙂

Results of the II Bielańska Rat Show

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