Rodent Animalia 2018

Rodent Animalia 2018 – rat show, racial mice show and show of a small exotic

Rodent Animalia 2018 – rat show, racial mice show and show of small exotic – took place on 02-03.06.2018 at Centennial Hall in Wrocław as part of Wroclawskie Animalia. 60 mice and over 100 rats were signed with also exotics like African fat animals, black-eye blackshanks, mastomys (natives mice) and hamster-mice. In addition to the exhibition and show aspect, the educational aspect was also present. The visitors had the opportunity to talk with the exhibitors and breeders, test their knowledge about rats, see and compare litters and recommended feed with non-recommended, look at the agility track – suitable for training with rats and also vote for their favorites in three audience competitions! Rodent Club PL booth was also graced by the representatives of forum who, side by side with the members of Rodent Club PL, were patiently answering questions and passionately talking about their pupils. The visitors visited us in crowds, and some, encouraged by a multitude of attractions, returned even the next day. The culmination on Sunday was agility competition – carried out for the first time in Poland – during it, it was a real problem to squeeze around our Rodent Zone to see anything. It gave a lot of emotions, mainly in the human part of the contestants. The event was so good and brought so much positive energy that we have an invitation for the next year, which we would like to use.

Results of Rodent Animalia – rat show

Result of Rodent Animalia – racial mice show

More photos from show

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